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February 22, 2010


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Tricia from MLFB

I noticed some shredded pork in my freezer, so this entry inspired me to make pot pies with it. I added a can of tomatoes and green chiles (from Trader Joe's), some cumin and powdered chiles, another diced chile, and a diced red pepper (the latter two from my freezer). I wish I'd had corn to add, but did not. It was delicious! Thanks for the inspiration.

By the way, can you elaborate on "leftover Trader Joe's ceramic pie dishes"? I discovered I'm down to 1 small pie pan. I used a deep corelle bowl for the other, and it worked fine, but I'm wondering about the TJ connection.


HI Tricia,
your version sounds yummy - after I made this, I wished I had added some cumin - maybe I should update the recipe :-) The leftover pie dishes, are actually from their frozen creme brulee - I think there may be a couple other desserts that use them too. Great for making pot pies in!!!


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